What Is Oddity Game Seekers?

We are a group of game fans and writers who realized that we wanted to write about rarely discussed games. The type of people who dig through the internet for rare, unusual, or just interesting games that get passed up by the majority of players.

We primarily write editorials, opinions, and reviews on Japanese games from various genres: RPGs , strategy-RPGs, action games, simulation games, puzzle games, point-and-click adventures, and visual novels. We are casual video game importers, heavy players of indies, and always looking to delve back into gaming’s previous generations. We want to share our gaming experiences with anyone who is willing to read our ramblings.

All of us also present panels at Dallas, Texas local anime conventions, so check us out.

One thought on “About

  1. Hello!

    I’m the creator of a BL/yaoi visual novel called Sentimental Trickster. Would you consider playing my demo? You can download it here:


    or here:

    The game is currently on Kickstarter and has recently been funded. Now I’m trying to get to the stretch goals. When I was making Sentimental Trickster, I tried to go against the usual yaoi cliches. The protagonist might look like just another cute, silly bottom, but he has guts and snark. Some of my backers said he’s a bit similar to Aoba from dmmd. You might like him 🙂 I also experimented a little bit with the choices mechanics. I’d love to hear your opinion, it would mean a lot to me!

    Best regards,
    Justyna Pustelnik


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